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A lorry driver | Blame IR35 | Crunch

News and opinion

A survey has revealed that tax changes have had almost as much effect on driver availability as Brexit, and more than COVID-19.

Increase in National Insurance and Dividend Tax from April 2022, image of a nurse tending to an elderly person | Crunch

News and opinion

The UK government have announced an increase to National Insurance and Dividend Tax, which come into effect in 2020.

Unlocking mortgage lending after lockdown, image of a happy new homeowner | Crunch

News and opinion

A number of lenders are now looking to actively support self-employed mortgage applicants by making it easier and quicker for them to get a mortgage

What awards have Crunch won?, image of Darren Fell accepting an award | Crunch

News and opinion

Crunch have won awards ever since our inception in 2009 - here's a complete rundown of every award we've won.

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QuickBooks vs. Xero vs. Crunch: which is better?, image of someone toppling a king in chess | Crunch
News and opinion

Crunch has been competing with Quickbooks and Xero for over a decade. They may be bigger, but we're certain we're better!

Speak to Crunch Mortgages and get a YES first time!, image of a couple with their house keys | Crunch
News and opinion

Getting a self-employed mortgage isn't hard, especially when you ask the right people for help - like Crunch Mortgages!

Some members of the Crunch team | Crunch
News and opinion

Crunch nominated for gongs including Accounting Tech of the Year and Best Customer Service at the UK FinTech Awards / Brighton & Hove Business Awards.

People at a Crunch meetup
News and opinion

Starting or running a business, and need tips? Want to network with fellow self-employed workers? Find out what events are coming up.

Uber Car
News and opinion

In 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers were workers, not self-employed. But what does this ruling mean, and how did we get here?

How the founder of Freelancer Club built an award-winning startup using only freelancers
News and opinion

Matt Dowling founded the Freelancer Club in 2014 after his own experiences as a freelance photographer highlighted a need for a change.

Crunch Free - the perfect replacement for Wave Accountingin the UK
News and opinion

Wave Accounting is removing access to its free accounting software in the UK, but there’s an even better replacement for the UK’s self-employed heroes.

Man doing his taxes on his phone
News and opinion

With Snap, our new receipt scanning app all you have to do is take and upload a photo of the receipt or invoice for an expense.|With Snap, our new receipt scanning app all you have to do is take and upload a photo of the receipt or invoice for an expense.

Crunch's open letter to the Chancellor asking for more support for limited company directors and the self-employed - image of the entrance to Downing street | Crunch
News and opinion

Crunch has written to the Chancellor providing analysis and feedback from clients, which we believe justifies a widening of the government’s grant support.

Woman working from home
News and opinion

Half of the self-employed wanted to obtain a better work-life balance but research suggests many are working an additional 14 hours every week.

Brighton beach
News and opinion

What makes Brighton an exciting place to launch a small business? Is it the sea air, or is it that the city is the creative and digital hub of the South?

Changes to off-payroll working (IR35) rules effective from April 2020
News and opinion

Get your small business insured in minutes. With our low premiums & low excesses, you’ll be amazed how affordable business insurance can be. Contact us now!

Crunch launch simple bookkeeping software Crunch Free - Promotional image of Crunch Free on a mobile
News and opinion

Crunch are delighted to announce the launch of our simple, online bookkeeping software for limited companies and sole traders, Crunch Free!

Open banking is coming to Crunch - Image of someone banking online
News and opinion

Upload bank transactions in a flash with Crunch's simple and secure Open Banking feeds, with established links with several of the UK's biggest banks.

News and opinion

It's no secret the British love tea. But it's also interesting to know that our tea consumption is driving factor for the economy. We explore.

Young business owners
News and opinion

Research has shown that business owners are younger now than previous years when they decided to set up their own business. We take a look.

News and opinion

Metallica and Napster have learned to co-exist. But did file-sharing create a race to the bottom for musicians, or liberate them from greedy middle-men?

News and opinion

Scared of asking for money? Just remember some guy gained £42k for a potato salad. And that's not the weirdest thing on this list of crowdfunding successes.

News and opinion

Office workers are frequently told that their sedentary lifestyle is causing them injuries, but you'll be surprised by some of the professions on this list.

Crunch explained in 90secs - Online Accounting, Expert Advice, Real People
News and opinion

At Crunch, our mission is simple: we’re taking the stress out of accounting by reducing both cost & time. Find out more about Crunch with our short video.

News and opinion

Now in her third year as a Crunch client, Siân's business finances are looking better than ever. Here's why...

A gourmet burger
News and opinion

Never to pass up an opportunity to stuff our faces, we have happily munched our way to five of our favourite street food startups in Brighton.|Never to pass up an opportunity to stuff our faces, we have happily munched our way to five of our favourite street food startups in Brighton.

News and opinion

Ever wondered about Middle-earth economics? What impact would all that gold have on inflation and the cost of living for the average Hobbit?|Ever wondered about Middle-earth economics? What impact would all that gold have on inflation and the cost of living for the average Hobbit?

News and opinion

Universal Credit combines & simplifies many benefits & tax credits into a single payment - but improvements can be made to the programme.

An entrepreneur
News and opinion

What do the world's biggest entrepreneurs have in common? Compare them to yourself with this essential list.

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September 2, 2021

James Faalvey who is an accountant was fantastic during our long call. He was very knowledgeable. Helped to understand my personal situation and gave me advice accordingly. He was detailed, thorough and very patient as I had a lot of questions. I really appreciated his expertise and guidance.


Alina Z

September 1, 2021

I recently switched to Crunch premium, and it has been great experience. My account manager is Aidan, and he really makes accounting not so horrible! Greatly recommend! The app is also very easy to use!



August 27, 2021

Phil and Karly at Crunch Mortgages really helped make our lives easier as we decided on our forever home. Unfortunately due to complications we had to restart the process with 3 different properties and they were both extremely supportive, providing us with updated figures and documents and continuously checking in with the progress made. We finally completed today and could not be happier with the service we received.


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