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Work stress - how to deal with it when self-employed, image of a pug on the table | Crunch


Sometimes it seems the to-do list is never ending. And a never-ending to-do list often leads to stress. Here's what you can do to help yourself cope with stress as a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner.

Free Tools & Resources To Help The Self-Employed, image of a calm freelancer | Crunch


When you join Crunch Chorus you’ll get access to free business guides, self-employed meetups, an invoice generator, late payment letter templates and more.

Self-employed support Facebook group launched by Crunch Chorus, | Crunch


Join the Crunch Chorus Facebook group today to share advice, experience, and make new connections. For friendly freelancers, contractors, & the self-employed.

Coronavirus: Tips for working from home if you decide to self-quarantine - image of a positive coronavirus test


The NHS recommends you self-isolate for a period of 14 days and work from home if you believe you have coronavirus, but how do you stay productive?

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Just because you’re a lone-worker, doesn’t mean you have to be a lonely worker. In this article, we take a look at some ways you can combat loneliness.

Ultimate health and wellbeing tips for the self-employed, image of someone stretching | Crunch

Health and wellbeing are important for us all, but when you're self-employed, it can sometimes feel difficult to keep on top of.

A freelance photographer

Everyone falls into certain habits when freelancing. Some are good, some are bad. Here are some good ones to help you run your business efficiently.

Woman working by the beach

With freelancing comes great freedom including the ability to work while you are travelling. We take a closer look at so-called digital nomads.

Ultimate productivity tips for the self-employed, image of a calendar | Crunch

A compilation of productivity tips that we’ve gathered over the years - for everyone from beginner freelancers to seasoned small business professionals.

How to calculate holiday pay when staff receive overtime and commission payments, image of couple enjoying holiday

You deserve a holiday - but one in four freelance workers take no annual holiday at all. We explain why you should take a break.


Setting-up a home office may seem like a big task, but it doesn’t have to set you back big bucks. Read our top tips to setting up on a tight budget.


Does your workstation feel like a torture garden? Jo Blood is an expert in workstation ergonomics and has some tips for very tall desk workers.

Upset freelamcer

There’s no use trying to avoid it, so here are the stories of successful freelancers who've built careers on top of the wreckage of their first contract.

Busy calendar

For freelancers and contractors, having a variety of clients is an exciting and important thing. We look at ways you can manage multiple clients.

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