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Freelance design manager John Eynon knows his accounting is in safe hands with Crunch

John worked as an architect in the construction industry for over 30 years, but after being made redundant, he decided to take control of his own destiny and start his own business. Crunch has helped him simplify the world of self-employment.


John Eynon

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Open Water Consulting

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Design management

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January 2012

Having been made redundant after 30 years in the construction industry, John decided to go it alone. Instead of working as a traditional architect, he’s now using his skills in areas such as design management, digital technology and Building Information Modelling.

“I appreciated the freedom of being self-employed, but I needed help with the financial side.”

Crunch helped John through the process of forming his company, ensured he made the most of our online accounting software, and ever since then, we’ve been providing the advice and support when he needed it.

“I know my accounting is in safe hands with Crunch.”

Like so many other Crunch clients, John knows he can call on his expert team of client managers and accountants, and has since recommended our service to others.

If you’re looking for a complete accountancy service that supports your business, take a look at our sole trader and limited company accountancy packages and discover how Crunch can help you love what you do.

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October 16, 2021

Crunch have been exceptional over the years that I have been with them. When I started my Ltd company it was with Crunch, I made the mistake of moving away to another accountant but ended up coming back to Crunch. The accessibility and ease of use of the platform are big benefits. Additionally the team are exceptional and always happy to guide you through the process


Irina Ashdown

October 12, 2021

Genuinely helpful and professional people! So so happy I signed up with crunch. As a first time entrepreneur I have a lot of things to worry about and accounting has been taken off my shoulders completely. I get answers and guidance on literally everything. I did consider doing accounting by myself at the beginning but so glad that I didn’t because there are so many things to consider even if you are just a contractor with one employee. I am sure I would have missed things and would be losing money. Crunch continuously review to make sure my finances are managed in the most efficient way. Also I get response within 20 minutes which is very quick. So worth the money! Thanks crunch


Raul Ferreira

October 5, 2021

Great service. The software is really easy to use and complete. The customer support provides useful help in a timely fashion.


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