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Nina Franck


Franckly’s comms and media planning founder discovered flexible working in starting her own business

Nina Franck
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September 1, 2019

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After spending more than 10 years in the media field, Nina decided to branch out on her own and set up Franckly Ltd, a comms and media planning business. With the end goal of starting her own media consultancy, she had enough of her regular job and set off on her own.

We spoke to Nina about why she chose to build her media consultancy and how Crunch has impacted her business.

Why did you choose to go self-employed? Was there something that influenced this decision?

“Ever since I studied I wanted to have my own marketing consultancy business. But I also knew I had to gather experience in the field of media planning and strategy first as this is such a complex field. After being more than 10 years in media agencies I had enough of being a small part in a big agency and not being able to work the way that suits my way of working and beliefs and to be able to have my own schedule that fits into my life.”

Nina explained that “after joining a new agency I realised that it was all the same and nothing changes unless I make the change. So I started making plans to become a freelance media consultant, talked to other freelancers, and quit my job a few weeks later.”

What is your business and what do you do?

“Franckly is a media strategy consultancy. I help businesses by developing comms strategies and media plans to reach their target audience in the most effective way to help get their messages out and grow their business. Based on 10 years of experience of planning and running national and global media strategies and campaigns I am working holistically across all media platforms such as digital display, digital video, and social media as well as TV, out-of-home, print and audio.” 

“For anyone who is looking to get a deep dive into a media channel, a comms strategy approach, or measurement I also offer bespoke courses for businesses and their teams.”

Nina’s many years of experience behind her meant that she was reputable for new clients. She now helps other businesses to grow in different media channels by teaching them and supporting them in these new avenues. But, becoming self-employed was new to Nina and having a great support network for her accounting with easy-to-use tools was essential.

She provided further insight into how Crunch has benefited her business and finances.

What have you liked about using Crunch? How has it helped/impacted your business?

“The tool is very easy to use to create and send out invoices, to organise and record my expenses and to track and estimate all my taxes, be it corporation tax or VAT, all in real-time. It could not be easier.”

I also like the timely reminders about deadlines for taxes and filing documents with HMRC. It just takes away the worry that I am missing something crucial. I don’t have to worry about accounting at all and keep my time spent on finance to a minimum.”

“Whenever I have questions the team is always very responsive, friendly, and helpful,” says Nina.

What made you choose Crunch over any other option such as a traditional accountant or a competitor?

“A fellow freelancer who also worked at the same agency as I did recommended Crunch to me. I looked it up and had a call with an advisor. I was convinced straight away that this is a very handy and easy-to-use tool for someone like me who has no idea about accounting at all but likes to be organised and likes to know what to expect.”

At Crunch, we are proud of our customer service. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re struggling to get questions answered or an explanation for any accounting jargon. That’s why we provide a team of experts to answer questions and queries about anything from your finances to your Crunch account. We also have a team of Chartered Certified Accountants who can provide unlimited support for free on any of our paid subscriptions, or for Crunch free clients, you can book a timeslot through our ‘Ask an Accountant’ service for just a one-off fee of £24.50 +VAT.

We support businesses like Franckly and the newly self-employed to make your accounting journey even easier. Positive comments like this one from Franckly Ltd - “Crunch is just a very accessible platform with a lovely team for any questions around accounting” make us delighted to help our clients continue to grow their businesses.

If you’re taking the leap to form your own business and going self-employed like Nina, Crunch can make starting your accounting and recording your finances easy and stress-free.