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Shelley's vintage furniture business is helped by Crunch

How Crunch team member Shelley turned a hobby into a business, and has thrived with the right help available.


Shelley Thomas

Business name

Butterfields Emporium

Line of work

Vintage furniture

member since

May 2019

If you’ve joined the Crunch community over the phone in the last couple of years, you may well have spoken to our helpful advisor, Shelley.

As a friendly and popular member of the Crunch team, Shelley helps countless self-employed workers find the right support for them on a daily basis - but she’s also been there and done that herself, running her own business alongside her regular employment.

“I used to run a market stall selling vintage items that I sourced from vintage fairs and car boot sales”, Shelley told us.

“I didn’t want to rely on one income stream, so I decided to cross-sell the items on eBay and saw that my items sold quicker and to a wider client base. I then got asked by friends and family to source items, and now I provide an interior sourcing service for vintage furniture!”.

Running a business can be challenging but lessons can be learned quickly, especially with the right help available, as Shelley attests:

“If you’re interested in reselling, then start with things you know about or have a personal interest in. A good way to start is by selling your own items,” she says. “There are lots of resellers who have Youtube videos and give useful tips and tricks.”

Shelley’s experience of being a sole trader allows her to provide more insight on how to run a business, the importance of keeping accounts up to date, and understanding tax liabilities.

When you talk to Shelley, you know you’re speaking to someone who believes in what Crunch has to offer; as an advisor and a client, she knows our software inside out and knows the value of our service.

“I used to do my own tax filings prior to Crunch and found I spent a lot of time searching the web for answers which took up a lot of time, which is already limited when you work full time and run a side business! All my questions are answered and I always feel supported, not just as a colleague but as a client.”

If you’re setting up your own business like Shelley did, Crunch can help with the numbers, so you can focus on doing what you love. Discover our comprehensive packages today!

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Why business owners love us

A Hussain

November 16, 2021

Needed to get my business up and running quickly. Crunch took care of so much so quickly. Registering my business with companies house and sorting out the tax side with HMRC - only needing me perform tasks that HMRC do not allow them to perform. The Crunch software is easy to use and there are plenty of helpful videos and documentation. Great service from the Crunch support team, especially from Olivia Beadle. Thank you.


James Cash

November 8, 2021

Crunch was able to find me the right mortgage, they kept me informed on progress and were responsive to my requests.


Afiya Gray

November 8, 2021

Danielle was most supportive and helpful in preparing our end of year accounts for a small business. Amazing and professional.


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